How To Pay For A Lovely Moment

Close Up Photo of Monarch Butterfly on Top of Flower
Photo by Debadutta

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.– Richard Bach

We are so busy to do what we love to do. We run from job to job. We take assignments home. We are always working, but never resting. The question is, “When are we going to pay attention to our lives?” Is it when we are dead? Or when we are alive?

Whether we know it or not, when we pay more attention to work, we neglect ourselves. We are so busy that we don’t even pay attention to the people we love. They are crying for attention, but we never listen. They want us, but we want job. We want them, but no time.

But when are you going to make time for your life? Because your life needs you. Your people need you. You need yourself to do your work. If you don’t rest it, it will break down. If you cannot enjoy the moment, if you cannot have time to enjoy your life, if you cannot have time to enjoy your family, if you cannot have time to enjoy your success, then why are you working?