27 Incredible Lessons I Learned From Dr. Joseph Murphy’s Writings

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Source: spiritualsciencemuseum.org

Lesson# 1:

“The solution lies within the problem.”

Lesson# 2:

“The answer is in every question.”

Lesson# 3:

“You have freedom to choose. You can choose a good habit or a bad habit. Prayer is a good habit.”

Lesson# 3:

“The only obstacle to your success and achievement is your own thought or mental image.”

Lesson# 4: As you think and feel, so you are.”

Lesson# 5: “When you want wisdom as much as you wanted air when you were immersed in the water, you will receive it.”- Socrates

Lesson# 6: You cannot see your mind, but you know you have one.”

Lesson# 7: Diet and exercise won’t keep you young. As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Lesson# 8: “You grow old when you cease to dream, and when you lose interest in life.”

Lesson# 9:

Become a producer and not a prisoner of society. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.”

Lesson# 10: Love means that you wish for the other health, happiness, peace, joy, and all the blessings of life.”

Lesson# 11:

“Rejoice in the success, promotion and good fortune of the other. In doing so, you attract good fortune to yourself.”

Lesson# 12: “Life holds no grudges against you, and it is always forgiving you.”

Lesson# 13: “The way you think, feel and act toward others returns at least upon yourself.”

Lesson# 14: “Happiness and virtue compliment each other.”

Lesson# 15: “Expect the best and invariably the best will come to you.”

Lesson# 16: Cease trying to make the other a second edition of yourself.”

Lesson# 17: “The great things of life are simple, dynamic and creative. They produce well-being and happiness.”

Lesson# 18: You do not always get the answer overnight. Keep on turning your request over to your subconscious until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.”

Lesson# 19: Your mental attitude, i.e. the way you think, feel and believe determines your destiny.”

Lesson# 20:

“Your future is in your mind now, based on your habitual thinking and beliefs.”

Lesson# 21: “If you are seeking promotions in your work, imagine your employer, supervisor or loved one congratulating you on your promotion. Make the picture vivid and real. Hear the voice, see the gestures and feel the reality of it all. Continue to do this frequently and through frequently occupancy of your mind, you will experience the joy of the answered prayer.”

Lesson# 22: “Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of memory. For a perfect memory, affirm frequently: ‘The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me everything I need to know at all times, everywhere.”

Lesson# 23: “If you imagine an objective clearly, you will be provided with the necessities through the wonder-working power of your subconscious mind.”

Lesson# 24:

“Your thought fused with feelings becomes a subjective beliefs, and according to your belief is it done unto you.”

Lesson# 25: “The power of sustained imagination draws forth morale working powers of your subconscious mind.”

Lesson# 26: “Your subconscious mind is timeless and spaceless.”

Lesson# 27: “If you are fearful and worried, you are not really thinking. True thinking is free from fear.”