How To Discover Who You Really Are

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”– George Bernard Shaw

You are not living to find yourself; you are living to create yourself. You are not living to be another person. You are living to be the real you. Because if you are not you, you cannot become you.

You can hide your real self, but you can’t fake it. It is hard to fake. You don’t need to fake your life. You need to discover your life. If you can’t discover your life, you can’t live it.

You are good enough!

You are good enough. You can create the life you want for yourself. You can choose your life. You can choose your partner. You can choose your work. You can choose whatever you want. The choice is yours.

If you really want to discover yourself, you must look within yourself, not without.

Don’t focus on what is happening outside your life. You should focus your attention on what is happening inside your life. Because your inside life is more important than your outside life. If you can’t live well on the inside of you, you can’t live well on the outside of you. You must balance it.

To know yourself, to discover yourself, you must listen to your inner voice.

If you want to discover yourself, don’t ignore your inner voice. Listen to it. Don’t pretend that everything is fine on the outside of your life. The more you pretend to be who you are not, the farther you are from your true self. To avoid that from happening to you, you must connect with yourself first.You must focus on how you are feeling internally before focusing on how you are doing externally. Internal life before external life.

You must take the time to know yourself before you can discover yourself.

No matter how you try to be who you are not, you are only wasting your time. If you meet yourself, if you take the time to know yourself, you become the real you. When you stop trying to be who you are not, you are on your way to knowing who you are. Self-discovery is a marathon. Are you ready and willing to challenge yourself?