Life Doesn’t Suck

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Life doesn’t suck. Life is beautiful! It is easier to focus on what is not working than to focus on what is actually working. Life does not suck.

If you think life sucks, ask yourself this simple, but real question: “What am I paying attention to?” This question will help you find out what you are paying attention to. When you spend your time paying attention to negative things that are happening around you, life will suck. But when you focus on the good things that are happening around you, life will not suck. Remember, it is not what you look at that matters; it is what you see that counts.

As Joss Whedon put it, “Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn’t suck.” Life is beautiful if you believe so. Life is ugly if you believe so. No matter where you are, what you are doing, what is happening, focus on the positive side, not the negative side. Think positively about the situation. Try to not fill your mind with negative things, because they drain energy. I am not saying that terrible things are not happening in the world. They happen on a daily basis.

It is not what happened that is the problem. It is how you react to it that will determine how it is going impact you. If you react to it in a positive way, your experience with it will be positive. But if you react to it in a negative way, your experience with it will be negative. Remember, positive experiences make things better, make us feel better. Negative experiences, on the other hand, make things worse for us.

You cannot stop things from happening to you, but you can control how you react, or think about them. How you react to events is under your control, and it will always be under your belt.


Everything Starts With A Dream

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If you want to achieve success in life, don’t let your dream go. Stick to your dream. Dreams are what keep us going. Everything starts with a dream.

What is your dream? What are you planning to achieve in the future? How do you envision your life tomorrow? It starts with a single dream.

One thing is to have a dream. Another thing is to keep it alive. How do you plan to keep your dream alive?

To keep your dream alive, you must do what it takes to breathe air into your dream. You must stick it in your mind. You must think about it everyday. You must be consistent with your dream. Don’t say you want one thing today, and tomorrow you want another. If you keep doing that, it will take time for you to realize your dream. Marcus Aurelius said, “If you don’t have a consistent goal in life, you can’t live it in a consistent way.” You have to know what you want before you even call it your dream. Don’t waste your time pursuing a dream that is not going to survive. Pursuing the wrong dream is like not having a dream. If you plan to achieve something, let it be what is within your reach.

To bring your dream to reality, you have to do whatever it takes to get it done. Dreams come with obstacles. It is not going to be easy for you to get it done, but you can get it done. If you fail at it the first time, get back up and start fighting for what you want. Carol Burnett said, “When you have a dream, you have to grab it and never let it go.” If you really want your dream to come true, if you really want your life to change, you must do whatever it takes to make it happen. If not, it is just a dream.

Making your dreams come true starts with you. You have to believe in yourself- in your skills, determination, perseverance. Harvey Mackey said, “When you have a dream that you can’t let go, trust your instinct and pursue it. But remember: real dreams take work, they take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you are willing to do that.” Dreams come with a price. If you are ready to do the work, to pay the price, to make yourself uncomfortable, to get out of your comfort zone, your dream will come true. Until you make that decision- the decision to succeed- it is just a dream.

Sometimes to make things happen, we must put them in front of us. We must work on them every day. We must think about them every day. We must talk about them every day. We must live them. Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher, said, “Stick to what’s in front of you- idea, action, utterance.” I will add: “Stick your dream in front of you.” When you stick it in front of you, you will never stop thinking about it.

Remember, everything starts with a dream. What is your dream?