How To Use The Power Of Self-Discipline To Change Your Life

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Self-discipline is the foundation upon which success is built. Self-discipline is doing what you don’t like to do. Self-discipline is doing something right in the face of obstacles. Self-discipline is doing what is important, not what is urgent.

If you want to be happy, to be successful, to be productive, you MUST earn a degree in self-discipline. You must discipline yourself. You must stick to your plans, to your goals, to your dreams. You must make the art of self-discipline a habit. You must practice it on a daily basis. You must live it.

You can discipline yourself to success if you want to. If you want to do it, to put yourself on the right track, start small. Start by disciplining yourself in small ways. For example, if you say you want to do something, no matter what is happening around you, stick to what you say you want to do. It is not comfortable, but it is doable. Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, said, “It is the small disciplines that lead to great accomplishments.” Don’t force yourself to be perfect at it the first time. If you think like that, you will get frustrated. Give yourself time to get used to it.

Self-discipline is hard. When you are trying to get something done, focus on where you are going and what you are going to get- the results- when you get there. Don’t focus on the toughness of the process. If you do that, you will be frustrated.

Stop telling yourself ‘you can’t do it.’ Stop telling yourself ‘it can’t be done.’ Start telling yourself that ‘everything is doable.’ Stay away from making excuses. The more excuses that you make, the weaker you will be. To make things happen in your life, stop making excuses and start taking responsibility. That is the only way to conquer fear. That is the only way to get results that you are looking for.

According to Dr. Scott Peck, “Self-discipline is doing the unnatural.” He is right. It is teaching yourself to do the right thing, even when it is not popular. It is setting priorities to get things done. If you want to get ahead, set priorities, and follow through. The results will shock you. Try it!


How To Be A Winner

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People love winners. Winning is attractive. It does not matter whether it is a small or a big win. People just love to be around winners. Why not?

In anything that we do, winning is all that matters. People don’t care how you did it. They just want to share the stage with you.

When it comes to winning, it takes time to be a winner. It takes years of intentional preparation, of training, of crying, of failing, and of winning. It takes a positive mindset to be a winner. You have to win in your mind. If you think like a loser inside, you cannot act like a winner outside. Winning starts in the mind.

If you want to be a winner, be willing and be ready to stay in the game of life. You are going to keep growing yourself. You are going to keep developing yourself. You are going to be training yourself. You cannot be a winner if you are not ready to be a learner. You must learn to grow. You must learn to be better than yesterday.

If you want to be a REAL winner, you MUST think like a winner, act like a winner, work like a winner, plan like a winner, talk like a winner, and walk like a winner. You will be a winner.