You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

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“There is no such thing as a free lunch.”- Milton Friedman

“The only way around is through.”- Robert Frost

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”- E. E. Cummings

We want to be successful, but no one wants to take the hard and rough road to success. In life, nothing is free. As the author stated, “there is no free lunch.” If you want your dreams to come to pass, you have to do whatever it takes to make them happen. If you wait for your dreams to come to you, they will never come to pass.

Don’t be scared to pursue your dreams. You have what it takes to make your dreams a reality. You cannot succeed without facing your fears. When you face your fears, your fears will disappear. Take small steps. Believe in yourself, and you can get it done.

There is nothing you cannot achieve if you want it badly. It is not going to be easy, but you can do it. You can make your dreams come true by focusing on what will get you to the next level. Don’t let people talk you out of your dreams. Surround yourself with people who are ready to take the journey with you.

Success is not going to come to you if you are not ready to receive success. Face your fears. Believe in yourself. Don’t doubt yourself. You can do it.


Life Is About Creating Your Real Self

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”– George Bernard Shaw

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating your real self. You should spend your time developing yourself, not trying to find who you are. We are not perfect. And we will never be perfect. If you are looking for perfection, you still have a long way to go.

Life is about doing better every day. Life is not about living other people’s dreams. It is about growing yourself, moving yourself forward.

You create yourself by living for yourself, by thinking for yourself, by loving yourself, by asking the right questions, by challenging yourself, by believing in yourself, by being honest with yourself and others.

When you engage in the game of finding yourself, you will miss your real self. You create yourself by embracing who you are, not who you are trying to be. Be happy with who you are, and you will enjoy your life.

3 Things You Should Keep Doing If You Want To Be Successful

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If you want to be successful in life, you must first understand the philosophy of success. Orison Sweat Marden said, “Many a man would have been a success had he connected his fragmentary efforts. Spasmodic, disconnected attempts, without concentration, uncontrolled by any fixed idea, will never bring success.”

Success will come to you if you don’t give up, if you stick to your plan. Earl Nightingale said, “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

You will succeed if you can just stick to your goals. Marcus Aurelius said, “Stick to what’s in front of you- idea, action, utterance.” It is important to stick to your plan if you want to be successful. If you need to change your plans, do so. But make sure you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. Don’t change your plans because someone pushed you to do so. Change your plan if you think it will make a difference in your life.

You cannot change your life if you don’t believe in yourself. Success starts with you. But if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you. You cannot succeed alone. If people don’t believe in you, it will be difficult for you to succeed alone. Christian D. Larson once said, “Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” There is nothing you cannot achieve if you can just spend sometime with yourself. Listen to yourself. Bring out the best in you. Don’t be afraid to show people who you really are.

You are your own master. Your success is in your own hand.

10 Motivational Napoleon Hill Quotes On Failure

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Napoleon Hill was the king of self-help writer. Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author. He is know best for his book Think and Grow Rich which is among the best-selling self-help books of all time.

Here are 10 Napoleon Hill’s quotes, if applied, that will help manage failure:

“Failure brings with it the seed of of an equivalent success.”- Napoleon Hill, Outwitting The Devil

“Failure and temporary defeat are part of the journey to finding true success.”- Napoleon Hill, Outwitting The Devil

“Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their minds.”- Napoleon Hill

“Failure is a man-made circumstances. It’s never real until it has been accepted by man as permanent.”- Napoleon Hill

“Failure is a state of mind; therefore, it is something an individual can control until he neglects to exercise this privilege.”- Napoleon Hill

“Failure brings a climax in which one has the privilege of clearing his mind of fear and making a new start in another direction.”- Napoleon Hill

“Failure proves conclusively that something is wrong with one’s aims or the plans by which the object of the aims is sought.”- Napoleon Hill

“Failure … forces people to learn many truths they would never discover without it.”- Napoleon Hill

“Drifting is the most common cause of failure in every walk of life.”- Napoleon Hill

“The ‘capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged’ is ‘the chief asset of every man who attains outstanding success in any calling.”- Napoleon Hill