This Is True Communication

Joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden
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Communication starts with you. It starts with understanding your values, your emotions, and your yourself. Everything communicates, but we don’t listen. We listen to ourselves, not to others. But we want others to listen to us.

Communication is not about you; it is about other people. If you want to communicate with other people, you must understand them. You must treat your message with happiness, passion, compassion, and love. Communication starts with self-understanding. In the words of Shunryu Suzuki, “Communication is- start by understanding- your own understanding about people. Even though you want them to understand you, you know, it is- unless you understand people, it is almost impossible.” If you want people to understand you, you must understand them. If you want to understand people, you must first understand yourself. Because if you don’t understand yourself, how can you understand others? Impossible.

“Communication is not about talking; it is about listening.”