35 Dr Joseph Murphy Quotes On How To Use Your Mind To Change Your Life

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“The treasure house is within you. Look within for the answer to your heart’s desire.”– Dr Joseph Murphy

“Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“The law of life is the law of belief. A belief is a thought in your mind. Do not believe in things to hurt or harm you. Believe in the power of your subconscious mind to heal, inspire, strengthen and prosper you. According to your beliefs is it done unto you.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Change your thought and you change your destiny.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Peace of mind and a healthy body are inevitable when you begin to think and feel in the right way.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“The law of your mind is this: you will get a reaction or response from your subconscious mind according to the nature of the thought or idea you hold in your conscious mind.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Your subconscious mind is like the soil, which accepts any kind of seed, good or bad.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Your subconscious mind cannot argue controversially.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Think good, and good follows. Think evil, and evil follow.You are what you think all day long.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Your mind is not evil. No force of nature is evil. It depends on how you use the powers of nature. Use your mind to bless, heal and inspire all people everywhere.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass. Believe in good fortune, divine guidance, right action and all the blessings of life.”– Dr Joseph Murphy

“Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes of your body and knows the answer to all problems.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“All frustrations is due to unfulfilled desires. If you dwell on obstacles, delays and difficulties, your subconscious mind responds accordingly and you are blocking your own good.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Keep your conscious mind busy with expectations of the best and your subconscious will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Remind yourself frequently that the healing power is in your own subconscious mind.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“All disease originates in the mind. Nothing appears on the body unless there is a mental pattern corresponding to it.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“There is only one process of healing and that is faith. There is only one healing power, namely, your subconscious mind.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Imagine the end desired and feel its reality. Follow it through and you will get definite results.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Decide what belief is. Know that belief is a thought in your mind, and what you think you create.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“You can build radiated health, success and happiness by the thoughts you think in the hidden studio of your mind.”– Dr Joseph Murphy

“What you decree and feel as true will come to pass. Decree harmony, health, peace and abundance.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Your subconscious is the builder of your body and is on the job twenty-four hours a day. You interfere with its life-giving patterns by negative thinking.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Know that you can remake yourself by giving a new blueprint to your subconscious mind.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“You build a new body every eleven months. Change your body by changing your thoughts and keeping them changed.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“It is normal to be healthy. It is abnormal to be ill. There is within the innate principle of harmony.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Success means successful living. When you are peaceful, happy, joyous and doing what you love to do, you are successful.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“When your mind is relaxed and you accept an idea, your subconscious goes to work to execute the idea.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Imagination is your most powerful faculty. Imagine what is lovely and of good report. You are what you imagine yourself to be.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Wealth is a subconscious conviction. Build into your mentality the idea of wealth.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“The trouble with most people is that they have no invisible means of support.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“The feeling of wealth produces wealth.Keep that in mind at all times.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Deposit thoughts of prosperity, wealth and success in your subconscious mind, and the latter will give you compound interest.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“What you constantly affirm, you must not mentally deny a few moments later. This will neutralize the good you have affirmed.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“Your true source of wealth consists of the ideas in your mind. You can have an idea worth millions of dollars. Your subconscious will give you the idea you seek.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“To picture the end result in your mind causes your subconscious to respond and fulfill your mental picture.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

“There is no true success without peace of mind.”- Dr Joseph Murphy