4 Uplifting Quotes On How To Embrace Life

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Life is not about being perfect; it is about getting better every day. Life is about growth and expansion. Life is about doing what you love and living your life in your terms.

Here are eight incredible and uplifting quotes that will help you embrace life:

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”- Ovid, Roman poet

Whatever you do, don’t fail to take rest. Take rest to clear your mind. Take rest to think. Take rest to plan your next move. Take rest to reduce mistakes and errors.

“To move forward, we must advance in the present, and in the present only.”– Christian D. Larson

If you want to move ahead in life, pay attention to how you are spending your time today. What you will be tomorrow will grow out of what you are doing today. If you waste your time today, you have wasted your dreams. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepared for it today.

“Never go to bed discouraged, nor with the thought of failure in mind.”- Christian D. Larson

When you give your subconscious mind negative things to work on, you will get negative results. Before you go to bed, try to remove all negative thoughts from your mind, and replace them with positive thoughts. If you want to wake up refreshed, give your mind positive things to work on.

“Habits are contagious. Every habit attracts a flock of its relatives.” Napoleon Hill

If you want to attract good habits, practice good habits. If you want to attract bad habits, practice bad habits. In order to get rid of a bad habit, replace it with a good habit. It will take time, so be patient.


Why You Should Spend Your Life Making Great Mistakes

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“Failure is a man-made circumstances. It’s never real until it has been accepted by man as permanent.”- Napoleon Hill

“Failure brings a climax in which one has the privilege of clearing his mind of fear and making a new start in another direction. Failure proves conclusively that something is wrong with one’s aims or the plan by which the object of the aims is sought.”– Napoleon Hill

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”- George Bernard Shaw

“Admitting to a mistake is just another way of saying you’re smarter now than you used to be.”- J. Lyman MacINNis

When you make mistakes, be proud of it. You have done well. You are now smarter than you used to be. When you make mistake, don’t beat yourself up, be happy. We learn by making mistakes. We grow smarter, wiser, bigger by making mistakes.

If you want to grow, let mistakes be your friend. Mistakes are ways to check ourselves, to check what you think you know, to check your plans, to check your aims.

It is better to live a life spent making mistakes than to live a life without results. You learn from your mistakes. You grow by making mistakes. You don’t grow bigger in life by staying away from making mistakes, from failing, from disappointments.

Know this: “If you are not making great mistakes, you are not trying.” Make mistakes, learn from them, and you will grow bigger and smarter.