6 Strategies To Lead Yourself.

Serious male manager writing in papers while working at table
Photo by Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Leadership starts with you. If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead anyone. People want to follow a leader who knows what he or she is doing. You have the power to lead yourself to greatness, but you don’t see it. You don’t use it. Self- leadership is the key to success. If we can’t lead ourselves, we will have problem leading other people.

We can lead. We have what it takes to do it- to lead. But we are not connecting with our real selves. If you want to lead yourself, you must lead from within. You must connect with yourself. Here is how to go about it:

Know who you are. If you don’t know who you really are, you can’t lead yourself to greatness. First figure out who you are, then lead yourself. Self- leadership is about who you are, not what you have.

Act on what you believe. It is important to take actions to change our lives. But we must be careful not to take the wrong actions. We must do the right things to get the right results. When we act on what we believe, we are leading ourselves. Because acting on the wrong things in life will not give us what we want. So to get what you want, you must act on what you believe.

Focus on your journey. Focus on where you are going to. Don’t let whatever is happening in your environment to slow you down. You have the power to keep moving. Don’t stop. If you stop moving, you will forget where you are going. Where you are now has no power over you. You have the power to control anything. So use your power to change things in your life. Don’t waste it. It is precious.

Open your mind. You can’t lead yourself to greatness if you don’t open your mind. A closed-mind attracts nothing. A closed-mind produces nothing. If you want to lead yourself, you must open your mind to greatness. Open your mind to attract new thoughts into it. Open your mind to meet new people. Open your mind to attract more knowledge into your life. The more open you are to new experiences, the more you will attract into your life. The greater you will become.

Be a great time manager. Time is money. Time is life. Time is everything. To lead yourself, you must master your time. Don’t waste your time on things that will move you away from your goals in life. Use your time wisely. Don’t hang out with time wasters. Prioritize your things. Don’t respond to urgent things, respond to important things. If you want to get more done, focus on what is important, not what is urgent.

Tell people how to treat you. Yes, tell people how to treat you. Don’t let people tear you down. Don’t let people belittle you. Don’t sell yourself less. According to Dr Phil, “We tell people how to treat us.” Know this: “Don’t expect people to respect you more than you respect yourself.” Because you get what you expect.

If you can lead yourself, you can lead other people. Are you ready to start leading yourself, right now?