Life Is One, Not Two

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Life is one. We do not need to slice it into pieces and call this or that piece a ‘self.’ What we call a self is made only of non-self elements.”– Thich Nhat Hanh

Your life is one. If you want it to make sense, you must live it in your own way. Follow your own path. Do your own things. According to Steve Jobs, ” Your time here on earth is limited.” Yes, he was right. We think we have time to play around, but we don’t.

Life is scary and beautiful. If you want a beautiful life, do beautiful things. If you want your life to make sense, do meaningful things.

Life is not without problems. It is how you handle your problems that will separate you from the rest of us. If you look at a problem as learning opportunity, you will learn from it. But if you see it as a problem, you will miss a golden opportunity to learn from it.

Your life is about you. If what you are doing does not reflect your values, it is not yours. You can only live your own life if you know how to live. It is important that you know what you are doing to move your life forward. Don’t be scared to screw things up. That is what makes us unique. Because if you don’t make mistakes, how can you grow?

You can grow if you are ready to be vulnerable. If you are not ready to look stupid, then you are not ready to fulfill your purpose on earth. The reason you are here on earth is fulfill your purpose. And to do that, you must be comfortable with yourself. Never give up. Remember, It is never too late to start again. You can always start again. Life is one, not two.