What Does It Mean To Live From Your Heart

Frozen Wave Against Sunlight
Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

Are you living from your heart? What does it mean to you to live from your heart?

When you live from your heart, it means you are living your real life. You are living what is really happening inside you. It means you are not living other people’s lives.

Living from your heart means “you are just you.” You are not hiding behind anything. You are living your authentic life.

When you live from your heart, you are in love with your inner self.

You might ask, “How can I do that?” It is possible. You can do it if you are true to yourself. No matter what, stand for something, not for nothing. Be honest with yourself.

Living from your heart is about love, compassion, empathy, happiness, passion, gratitude, and care. It is not about selfishness. It is not about greed. It is about putting people first.

It is about living a life of integrity. You can’t live from your heart if people don’t trust you. You can’t live from your heart if you don’t trust yourself. Do you trust yourself?

“Living from your heart means living less defensively.”-

John Amodeo, PhD