What Do You Believe About Yourself?

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“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.”– Robert Collier

What do you think about yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you trust yourself? Do you often criticize yourself? It is okay to do these things. We are human. But it is not okay to allow them to control your life.

Self-belief is the key to success. If you don’t believe in yourself, in your talents, in your skills, you will not succeed. And people will not trust you. If you believe in yourself, in your talents, in your skills, you will succeed.

Why is it so important?

It is important because your beliefs affect your life. Your beliefs affect your behavior. They control your behavior. They control your attitude.

If you see yourself as a loser, you will be a loser. If you see yourself as a champion, you will be a champion. If you see yourself as an incompetent person, you will be incompetent.

You can change whatever you believe about yourself. You can change it by changing your mindset. Instead of telling yourself negative things, from now on, start telling yourself positive things. Wherever you go, focus on the light, not the darkness. Celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t focus on what is not working for you. Focus on what is working for you. Try new things to build your self-confidence back up. Don’t hang around negative people. They will deplete your energy.

Don’t ever think you can’t do something. There is nothing you cannot do if you want it badly. If you think you can do it, you can do it. If you think you cannot, there is no amount of coaching or support that is going to help you. Believe in yourself, and you will get a lot done in life. Jim Rohn said, “You can change all things for the better when you change yourself for the better.” If you change, your situation will change.

Believe in yourself to change your life.


How To Feed Your Mind With Positive Things

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Your mind needs food. It needs positive food. The best way to keep a healthy mind is to feed it with positive things. If you feed your mind with positive thoughts, with positive events, instead of negative events, you will get a happy mind.

A happy person is someone with a happy mind. You cannot be happy inside and be unhappy outside. Your outside life is a reflection of what you are feeling inside. You can make your mind happy. You can make your mind sad. It is your choice.

You can make your mind happy by focusing on positive things, by focusing on the good things in any situation, by doing the right things, by helping those in need, by putting other people first, by loving people unconditionally, by being grateful, and by forgiving the people who have wronged you. When you feed your mind with these things, your mind will never know sickness. You will have a healthy mind. You will have a sound mind. You will have a productive mind.

Make sure you are always working to protect your mind from bad people, people who will never find anything good to tell you. Stay away from those people.

Feeding your mind with positive thoughts does not mean that you are going to be happy all the time. That is not the case. It means even when you are not happy, you still find a way to make the situation a positive one. That is, you never allow the negativity around to decide how you run your life.

Always focus on the positive things in your life. Always appreciate what you have, and where you are in life. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Try to develop the habit of thinking in positive ways. When you see a negative thing or it happens to you, try to picture it in a positive way. In doing so, you have created a positive picture of that event in your mind.

You are created to be a positive person, not a negative person. Stay positive!

Why Living In The Moment Is Important

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Why is it important to live in the moment?

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has yet to come. We have only today. Let us begin.”- Mother Teresa

Lots of people spend their time dealing with what happened yesterday. If you continue to live in yesterday, you will continue to miss what is happening today. Today is all that you have. Why wasting it?

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You can’t enjoy today if you keep living in yesterday. You need today to build tomorrow. You need today to build your future. If you don’t manage today well, you will not enjoy tomorrow.

If you want to enjoy tomorrow, pay attention to what you are doing today. Pay attention to what you are experiencing right now. Pay attention to how you are spending your time. Pay attention to what today means to you. Pay attention to the results you are getting today. You need today to get tomorrow. If not, you are going to be disappointed.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi famously said, “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

If you want your future to be better than what you have today, you must focus on what you are doing right now. Believe you can, and you will.

Life Doesn’t Suck

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Life doesn’t suck. Life is beautiful! It is easier to focus on what is not working than to focus on what is actually working. Life does not suck.

If you think life sucks, ask yourself this simple, but real question: “What am I paying attention to?” This question will help you find out what you are paying attention to. When you spend your time paying attention to negative things that are happening around you, life will suck. But when you focus on the good things that are happening around you, life will not suck. Remember, it is not what you look at that matters; it is what you see that counts.

As Joss Whedon put it, “Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn’t suck.” Life is beautiful if you believe so. Life is ugly if you believe so. No matter where you are, what you are doing, what is happening, focus on the positive side, not the negative side. Think positively about the situation. Try to not fill your mind with negative things, because they drain energy. I am not saying that terrible things are not happening in the world. They happen on a daily basis.

It is not what happened that is the problem. It is how you react to it that will determine how it is going impact you. If you react to it in a positive way, your experience with it will be positive. But if you react to it in a negative way, your experience with it will be negative. Remember, positive experiences make things better, make us feel better. Negative experiences, on the other hand, make things worse for us.

You cannot stop things from happening to you, but you can control how you react, or think about them. How you react to events is under your control, and it will always be under your belt.