26 Motivational Dr Robert Anthony Quotes

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“In order to change the experiences that are causing you pain and disharmony, it’s necessary to begin with a clear understanding that you never help yourself by rejecting any part of yourself.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“We experience in life what we’ve deeply convinced is so.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“… if we cannot accept ourselves, that we’re worthy and deserving, then we cannot accept that other people are worthy and deserving, and will therefore be in judgement of them.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“The way to neutralize your ego is to love yourself unconditionally. Loving yourself actually neutralizes your ego, because your ego isn’t about loving yourself.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“If you want to take control of your life, it’s important that you gain a basic understanding of who you are.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“Waiting is a trap.”-

Dr. Robert Anthony


“Waiting is a trap.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“People can control you through your mind, but they can never control you through your intuition.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“… your body is a feedback mechanism of your mind.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“Illness is the body’s reaction to your mind.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“… no matter what is going on in your body, it begins in your mind.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“Your life is an ever-changing canvas. What are you going to paint on it.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“In order to find the true answers to our problems, we must begin by looking at ourselves in a new way, which will cause to see people and events in a new way.”-

Dr. Robert Anthony

“We can only receive what our minds are capable of accepting.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“The mind attracts whatever is familiar to itself.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“The outer world is in many ways a reproduction of our inner world.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“No amount of determination, no amount of willpower, inspiration or motivation will solve our problem if we look outside of ourselves for the answer.”- Dr Robert Anthony

“There is no growth without discontent.”- Dr. Robert Anthony


“There is no growth without discontent.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“To create what you want, you have to trust the power within you.”-Dr. Robert Anthony

“Choice begins when you stop identifying with your conditioned patterns of the past.”- Dr Robert Anthony

It is done unto you as you believe, not as you want, but as you believe.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“Choice implies being conscious.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“The effect will always be equal to the cause.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“Our ideas are created into our results.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“The truth is we can have anything we want if we’ll give up the belief that we can’t have it.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“It is not a question of going from negative thinking to positive thinking. It is a matter of moving toward “right thinking,” which means moving toward knowing the absolute truth about who we are and our relationship to life.”- Dr. Robert Anthony

“Right thinking comes from being aware of the truth or the reality of any situation.”- Dr Robert Anthony

“The river just keep flowing because it is impersonal.”- Dr Robert Anthony