Tips For Overcoming Your Fear

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“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”– George Addair

If everything is okay with you internally, you don’t have anything to worry about. Your goal is to focus on how to do something great. To be really honest with you, you can’t do anything great without facing your fear. You know what you fear. You must conquer it. Why is that?

Fear paralyzes.

Fear is there. You must conquer it before you can move forward in your life. It is your greatest work to do. You must do it. Don’t give it to another person to do for you. They can’t do it. Because they can’t live your life for you. They can’t pursue your dreams for you. You must get your hands dirty!

Fear needs food to survive. Don’t feed it.

If you don’t feed your fear, it will die. It needs food to stay alive. So if you want to conquer it, you must stop feeding it. The more you feed your fear, the bigger it grows. Acknowledge your fear. Don’t pay attention to it. That is dangerous! Because the more time and energy you give to your fear, the more you are wasting your life. Your life is precious. Don’t spend your life worrying about what is not there. If your own heart is free, you are free. Instead of worrying about fear, instead of thinking about what fear will do to you, why not focus on how you are going to manage it. You can’t cure it, but you can manage it.

Don’t accommodate your fear

Don’t accommodate your fear. The more you think about your fear, the bigger it gets. If you can do it, try to focus on something else. If you keep thinking about your fear, it will cripple your decisions. Fear stops people from making the right decisions. It stops them from moving forward. It can stop you from living your life. It can stop you from pursuing your dreams. It can keep you in your comfort zone. Fear makes you question yourself. It makes you doubt your own existence. It gives you reasons to question everything you are doing. When you do that, you settle for an average life.

If you don’t beat your fear, your fear will beat you.

If you want to beat fear, you must face. Facing fear is the best way to walk through it. If you don’t fight your fear, your fear will defeat you. Don’t let it defeat you. Fear is the only thing standing in your way. You have got to walk through it if you want to succeed. Fear is a filter. It kills your dreams. It reduces your expectations. If you want your dreams to come true, you must face your worst enemy: FEAR.