The Road Less Traveled

Asphalt Road Between Trees

The Road Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in the woods, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”- Robert Frost

There are two roads to where we are going to:

-The popular road

-The unpopular road

The question is, “Which road are you travelling on?”

Is it the popular road, or the unpopular road?

The road you decide to take will depend heavily on what you want to achieve in life. It will also depend on your values. It will depend on your purpose in life.

Where are you going? What do you want to achieve? How high do you want to go?

Before you decide on which road to take, you should honestly ask yourself these questions:

Why is this road so popular? If I take this road, what would be the result? Why are people taking this road? Is there anything special here? Is it what I am looking for? Can I find what I am looking for here?


Why is this road not so unpopular? If I take this road, what will be the outcome? Why are people not taking this road? Is anything wrong with this road?

These are important questions to play with before you go ahead and make your decision.

If you are looking for expansion, if you are looking for new opportunities to explore, if you are interested in doing new things, if you are interested in discovering new things, and if you want to make your own name, the unpopular road is the right road. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos said, ”If the whole world is against something, you know that is the right thing to do.”

The unpopular road, the unpopular thing, the unpopular course, the unpopular degree, is the right one to do for the following reasons:

-There is no competition

-It allows you to grow, think, and dominate it

-It reveals a new world to you

-It opens a new door for you

-It allows you to be first, not second

The popular road, on the other hand, is too wide, too crowded, and too easy, no growth, or slow growth, and you are just following the crowd. Do you want to follow the crowd, or explore your own ground?

Putting it together:

Choose your own path, and develop it. It is easy to follow the crowd, but you are not taking anything away. You are not learning; you are not growing; and you are not stretching yourself. If you want real growth in your life, follow your path.


18 Steps To Natural Health And Happiness

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“Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness.”- Ayn Rand, writer

Below are 18 ways you can enjoy natural health and happiness:

Know yourself. The first step to self-discovery is to know who you are. If you know who you are, you will know exactly what you want from life.

Love yourself. Self-love is priceless. This is important because if you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you. Part of loving yourself is to accept your mistakes, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We all have them. You are not alone.

Think for yourself. If you want to enjoy your life, learn how to think for yourself. Learn how to make your own decisions. Listen to people, but be mindful of how you use what they told you to do. Always listen to your inner voice.

Believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, people will believe in you. It is contagious. If you don’t believe in yourself, even if you try to hide it from people, people will know. Don’t pretend to be who you are not.

Take responsibility for your actions. Always hold yourself accountable for your actions. It is your action, so take responsibility for it. Don’t blame anyone for your misdeeds. Own it, learn from it, and move on. When you start blaming people, you will never learn from it.

Don’t seek approval from anyone. Don’t seek approval from anyone before you do the right thing. If it is the right thing to do, then do it. Don’t seek approval from anyone regarding your life’s decisions. Sometimes seeking approval from people that don’t have the power to give it to you is the first step towards failure and disappointment.

Understand that nobody is perfect. The people you admire have their own problems that you don’t know about. They will not tell you, no matter how hard you try to understand them. So, why worry yourself? Nobody is perfect, and nobody ever will be, including me. Celebrate your imperfections; it is what makes us unique.

Happiness is not from material possessions. True happiness, real happiness, and authentic happiness is not from material possessions, it comes from how you live your life on a daily basis. The way you treat people, the way you treat yourself, the way you treat nature, and the way you treat the society in which you are part of. Your real happiness will not come from your academic degrees, not from your latest car, it comes from the ordinary things that lots of people ignore or don’t pay attention to.

When you fail at anything, be happy. Yes, be happy. If you don’t fail, how can you learn? How can you grow? Real growth, real progress comes from multiple failures. Failure is the best teacher if you are ready to learn from it.

If you fail, don’t stop trying. If you fail in one thing, try another thing. Don’t waste your time pursuing what is not working. Keep trying new things until you find your own place to settle and explore. Don’t quit. If you quit, you will be the first person to receive a degree in quitting.

Enjoy nature. You see what you pay attention to. If you pay attention to negative things, you will see only negative things. If you pay attention to positive things, you will see only positive things. In other words, you attract what you consistently think about. Nature is beautiful!

Pocket your pride. Pocket your pride. Pride is the enemy of growth. It prevents people from helping you. If you want people to help you grow, pocket your pride. Be humble. Humility is the way to success. If you want to be successful, be humble.

Please yourself. To please people, please yourself first. If a doctor is unhealthy, he or she cannot help his or her patients. You need to be healthy to be able to help others. Know this: you can’t please everybody. If you try it, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Celebrate yourself. Whether you are winning or failing, celebrate yourself. Always find the time to celebrate yourself. It doesn’t have to be in a big way. If you don’t celebrate yourself, if you don’t reward yourself, then you are telling people that you are not important. On the contrary, when people see you celebrating yourself, they will join you. Let’s learn how to celebrate ourselves. You deserve it. I deserve it. The world deserves it.

Control yourself. In order to live a healthy and happy life, you must learn to control yourself. You must learn to always be yourself. You must learn to delay your gratification (the urge to do something immediately). If you can control yourself, then you are the master of your life.

Do not procrastinate. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, or if you want be stress free, you must learn how to do the most important things first. Don’t postpone it to tomorrow. Do it now.

Embrace criticism. People who are really successful have been chronically criticized for what they do, how they do it, with whom they do it, and where they do it. They persist. If you want to be successful, you must learn how to manage criticism and how to ignore distractions.

It is okay to say “no”. You can’t say “yes” to everyone. At this point, you must learn how to discriminate (I am not talking about racism). You must learn how to say “no” to some people. Similarly, you must learn how to say “yes” to some people. If you practice the art of saying “yes” to everybody, you are saying a big “no” to yourself.