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18 Mike Murdock Quotes On Wisdom

Photo by Herbert Kaufman

“The seed of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”- Mike Murdock

“Great achievers have success routines they follow diligently. They simply discipline themselves for a period of time until a habit is born.”- Mike Murdock

“Few people really know what they want.”- Mike Murdock

“Expectation is the invisible current that sweeps miracles into your life.”- Mike Murdock

“Words matter: they create death or life.”- Mike Murdock

“Your mind and your faith respond to anything you say.”- Mike Murdock

“Never verbalize anything you do not really want to happen.”- Mike Murdock

“You were designed to solve a specific problem.”- Mike Murdock

“The proof of respect is the investment of time.”- Mike Murdock

“Eliminate distractions- it enables you to concentrate on your dream.”- Mike Murdock

“You were created to produce, multiply, replenish, rule and increase yourself.”- Mike Murdock

“Depression is often created by idleness.”- Mike Murdock

“Productivity generates pleasure.”- Mike Murdock

“A productive person is usually a happy person, fulfilled and self- confident.”– Mike Murdock

“Uncommon leaders set goals.”- Mike Murdock

“Continuous sowing creates continue harvests.”- Mike Murdock

“Each part of you is a seed.”- Mike Murdock

“You are a collection of seeds.”– Mike Murdock

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