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9 Best Mike Murdock Quotes About The Power Of The Mind

You Are More Than Your Disease Text
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A well-managed mind is a well-managed life. A peaceful mind is a productive mind. An unhealthy mind is a sick mind. If you want to maintain a healthy mind, think and feed your mind with positive things.

If your mind is clean, your body will be clean. If your mind is unclean, your body will be unclean. There is nothing you can do about that.

Your mind is your garden. Protect it from from toxic weeds.

“Every life-battle is a mind battle.”- Mike Murdock

If you win in your mind, you will win in life. If you lose in your mind, you will lose in life.”Mike Murdock

“… It is all in the mind.”- Mike Murdock

“When you can manage your mind, you can manage your life.”- Mike Murdock

“Every battle is in the mind.”- Mike Murdock

“You win or lose in the mind.”- Mike Murdock

“Your mind is your garden. It’s where you grow the fruit that sustains you . You are the gardener. You must kill the snakes and pull the weeds. You choose the flowers that sustain the fragrance. Guard your garden… relentlessly, ferociously, and victoriously.”- Mike Murdock

“Your mind is on the the prowl of knowledge.”- Mike Murdock

“Your self-portrait determines your self-conduct.”- Mike Murdock

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