14 Motivational Max De Pree Quotes on Leadership

Max De Pree was an American businessman and writer. He is the author of the best- selling book, Leadership Is An Art. Here are some of my favorite quotes by Max De Pree. Enjoy!

  1. “The best leaders promise ONLY what is worth defending.”  Max De Pree
  2. Leadership is, as you know, not a position but a job.”  Max De Pree
  3. “Without action or principles, no one can become a leader.”  Max De Pree
  4. “Leadership can never stops at words; leaders must act, and they do so ONLY in the context of their beliefs.”  Max De Pree
  5. “Good leaders know that moving up in the hierarchy does not magically confer upon them competence.”  Max De Pree
  6. “Creative people need a fundamental level of trust from leaders”  Max De Pree
  7. “Leaders understand the context in which people work.”  Max De Pree
  8. “A leader ought never to embarrass followers.”  Max De Pree
  9. “Leaders learn how to make a commitment to the common good.”  Max De Pree
  10. “A leader needs to give creative people license to be contrary.”  Max De Pree
  11. “A leader paves the way for change.”  Max De Pree
  12. “A leader does not demand unreasonable personal or corporate loyalty.”  Max de Pree
  13. “A leader makes her commitment to all.”  Max De Pree
  14. “Leaders make choices about beauty and harmony all the time.”  Max De Pree


20 Motivational Peter Drucker Quotes on Insight and Motivation

Peter Drucker was an Austrian-born American management guru, consultant, author, and educator. He was a prolific management writer. He invented the concept knows as management by objectives (MBO) and self control. Here are few selected Peter Drucker’s quotes on insight and motivation to get things done:

  1. “People act as they are being rewarded or punished.” Peter Drucker
  2. “Performing organizations enjoy what they are doing.” Peter Drucker
  3. “Opportunity is where you find it; not where it finds you.” Peter Drucker
  4. “Failure should always be considered a symptom of an innovative opportunity.”  Peter Drucker
  5. “The fear of failure has already permeated the knowledge society.”  Peter Drucker
  6. “Knowledge without skill is unproductive.”  Peter Drucker
  7. “Think globally, and act locally.”  Peter Drucker
  8. “The most important thing is that the person and the assignment fit each other.”  Peter Drucker
  9. “No organization can do better than the people it has.”  Peter Drucker
  10. “Leadership is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights.”  Peter Drucker
  11. “The more the organization grows, the more the individual can grow.”  Peter Drucker
  12. “The purpose of an organization is to enable common man to do uncommon things.”  Peter Drucker
  13. “A change is something people do; a fad is what people talk about.” Peter Drucker
  14. “The most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it.”  Peter Drucker
  15. “Management must be built on communications and on individual responsibility.”  Peter Drucker
  16. “Management is about human beings.”  Peter Drucker
  17. “Precisely because change is a constant, the foundations have to be extra strong.”  Peter Drucker
  18. “It’s the abilities, not the disabilities, that count.”  Peter Drucker
  19. “The spirit of the organization is created from the top.”  Peter Drucker
  20. “Exploit the new realities.”  Peter Drucker

“Management is about human beings.”— Peter Drucker