The Power Of Choices

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The power of choices. If you are asked to choose one important thing in your life, what would it be?

Would it be:

Your personal development?

Your health?

Your relationships?

Your spirituality?

Your self-discovery?

What would it be? There is no right or wrong answer here. Before you answer it, think holistically about your situation.

What you choose today will be your reality tomorrow. If you make careless choices today, you will live with them tomorrow. What you choose today will determine how successful you will be tomorrow. Life is about making choices. 

If you make the wrong choice today, and it is not what you had hoped for, change it. Don’t waste your time trying to fix what is not fixable. In your decision making, be flexible. Don’t be rigid.


One Way To Make The Right Decision In A Critical Moment.

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Have you ever been in a critical situation where an urgent solution is needed to solve a specific problem? If you have, what did you do? Did you have the time to consult with a more experienced co-worker, or did you handle the problem by yourself?

 “When we find ourselves under intense pressure to make the right decision, in this case, nobody holds the key to the right answer. When there is no scientific data or a consultant to consult, the only best option is to ‘trust your gut’.”

When we are not under pressure, making the right decision requires that we:

  • We define the objectives
  • Assemble the right information
  • Identify possible options to be taken
  • Evaluate those options
  • Make the decision
  • Check those options whether they are working.

To add to that, we have the abilities to make the right decision. So, before moving ahead to make crucial decisions, don’t forget to do the following things:

  1. Check your own decision making abilities
  2. Make sure you have the right information
  3. Be inclusive. Make sure that every ideas, suggestions are taken seriously.


Decision making should be systematic and inclusive.