Nothing Happens By Chance

Photo of Body of Water
Photo by Hasan Albari

There is luck. Your luck is you. You are responsible for your luck. Don’t wait for luck to happen by chance. It is not going to happen. Nothing happen by chance. When you prepare, you are closer to your luck. If you have not been preparing for your luck, start doing it now. It is never too late.

If you wait for luck to happen without your effort, you are going to wait for a long time. The people you respect have been preparing for years. They have been preparing. They have been working. They have been doing the work. Everything is possible. It is possible if you work. It is possible if you commit yourself to it. It is possible if you don’t wait for luck to happen overnight. Never!

You can make your luck happen today. You can start by taking action. Whatever you want to do, or whatever you are doing, take it seriously. Don’t play with it. Don’t get distracted. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Because without mistakes, you can’t grow. You can’t multiply.

Every time you screw up, it is getting you closer to your real life. But you must allow yourself to make mistakes. You must allow yourself to do what you have not done before. You must allow yourself to just be you.

If you want your dreams to come true, don’t believe in luck. Just do the work, then see what happens.