Why It Pays To Be More Vulnerable In 2020

Two Women Embracing Surrounded by Crowd
photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

“Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, it’s understanding the necessity of both; it’s engaging. It’s being all in.”– Brene Brown

If you want to experience life, you must embrace your vulnerability. People don’t want to experience pain, but they want to celebrate prosperity. You can’t get to success without going through the gate of multiple failures.

Don’t hide yourself from life. You must live your life. Be vulnerable. It is okay to be vulnerable. If you are not ready to be vulnerable, you are not ready to experience the beauty of life.

Don’t hide yourself from other people, meet them. Don’t hide yourself from a bad situation, explore it. Don’t hide yourself from chaos, understand it.

If you avoid failures, you can’t experience success. If you avoid pain, you can’t really experience success. If you avoid hard work, you can’t get to your destination. If you avoid discomfort, you can’t find comfort in anything.

If you avoid falling in love, you can’t experience love. Don’t be scared of living your life. Be ready to be vulnerable. According to Brene Brown, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, encourage, empathy, and creativity.”