6 Smart Ways To Be The Best You

Scenic Photo Of Mountain During Dawn
Photo by rizknas on Pexels.com

It is easier to be yourself than to be someone else. It is when you are yourself that you can do great things for yourself.

Be your real self. Be your best self. You were created to be your real self, not your fake self. We are more alive when we embrace our real selves. It is not exhausting. It is calm. It is rewarding to be yourself. Remember, when you are yourself, you have nothing to hide.

Don’t fake your life. Live your life. Here is how:

Don’t waste your time. Do things that will take you closer to your dreams. Christian D Larson said, “Everything that promotes the welfare, the advancement and growth of the individual is right.” Remember that time wasted is a life wasted. Don’t do it.

When you are down, get up. Don’t stay down. You can’t control everything that is happening around you, but you can control yourself. When things are not working for you, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t stay down. Get up and get back to work. Instead of staying down, get up and ask yourself, “What is next?” When you think like that, life is yours.

Be a true optimist. A true optimist embraces everything with a positive attitude. A true optimist focuses on light, not darkness. According to Christian D. Larson, “The true optimist not only expects the best to happen, but goes to work to make the best happen.” If you really want to be the best you, you must go to work to make things happen for you, not to you.

Do not apologize for the way you live your life. It is your life. Live it the way you want. Do not let your inner critic stops you from living your life to the fullest. A life not lived is a life wasted. In the words of Christian D. Larson, “Life becomes the way it is lived…” He is right. As the say goes, “It is not how long you live that counts; it is how well you live that matters.” How are you living your life? Live it well.

Don’t hang out with dream killers. You love your friends. They love you. But are they the right friends for you? Are they helping you to make your dreams happen, or are they talking you out of your dreams? If they are not helping you, let them go. They are not your real friends. Your real friends will not kill your dreams; they will nurture your dreams. If you want to succeed, look for dreams nurturers.

Always develop yourself. Never stop learning. If you want to be the best you, you must think the best thoughts. Learning is life. Think, learn, and grow. Don’t give away any opportunity to learn something new. Don’t be scared to learn. Learning is living. If you are not learning, you are not living. To quote Christian D Larson, “If you want that which is better, make yourself better.” Yes, make yourself better!