You Must Learn To Be Happy

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“It is not events and the things one sees and enjoy that produce happiness, but a state of mind which can endow events with its own quality, and we must hope for the duration of this state rather than the recurrence of pleasurable events.”– Andre Maurois

Happiness is not what you wait for; it is what you make for yourself. Happiness is not something you wish for, but something you make happen for yourself. If you want to experience the real happiness, stop waiting for happiness. It will never come to you. Don’t wait. Make it happen. You must learn to be happy.

If you really want to be happy, you must learn to make yourself happy. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy. You can do that by living in the moment. Happiness happens in the moment, not in the past. You can make yourself happy by enjoying the small things in your life.

Wherever you are, choose happy thoughts. When your thoughts are clean, healthy, and spiritual, you will feel better about yourself. Because happy thoughts bring happiness to you. If you want to enjoy your life, make thinking happy thoughts a habit. You can do that, because you are the owner of your thoughts.