If You Make A Mistake, Own it, Or It Will Own You

Upset little girl sitting near crop woman in classroom
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Own your mistakes. They are yours. When you make mistakes, don’t blame others for them. Blame yourself for them. When you blame yourself for your mistakes, you will have no other choice than to face your mistakes, to learn from them, to understand them, to own them, to fix them, and move on.

But if you do the opposite, if you abandon your mistakes and walk away, if you blame others for your own mess, for your own problems, your own ignorance, your own carelessness, you neglect yourself, your spirit, your happiness, your joy, your health, and your inner life.

“If you are afraid of making mistakes, you are afraid of growing.”

The only way to real growth is through the gate of mistakes. Are you scared of that gate?

When you blame people for your mess, when you blame your partner, your government, your boss, your kids, your friends, you reduce yourself. Don’t blame anyone but yourself. It is hard to do, but if you can take responsibility, you open the door to your personal and personal growth. Mistake is a way forward, not backward. Make it!