How To Do Something Really Well

Focused businessman taking notes at home
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“We never do anything well till we cease to think about the manner of doing it.”– William Hazlitt

Thinking before action is the right thing to do. But if we can’t move past the manner of doing something, we will cripple our creativity. Because creativity comes from doing what we want to do. It does not come from overthinking about what we want to do. The more we think about what we want to do, the more we will never do it.

If you don’t want to cripple your creativity, you have to stop thinking too much about what you want to do. Don’t use overthinking to cover up what you don’t want to do. Simply put, don’t hide behind overthinking. Whatever you want to do, plunge into it and do it. Success is doing what you don’t want to do. Success is facing your fears. Why is that? Because if you don’t face your fears, you can’t make your dreams happen. Successful people have done just that. You can do it, too. Are you ready?

“Success is doing what we want to do.”