The Only Person Who Can Stop You From Making Your Dreams Happen Is You

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There is nothing you cannot achieve in life if you want to. Sometimes we limit ourselves by our own thinking. We don’t think about what we can do to make our lives better. Instead, we dominate our minds with things that we cannot do. If we keep thinking of what we cannot do, we will continue to attract what we cannot do into our lives.

You can change that. You can change it by thinking about what you want, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. Don’t waste your time thinking about what you cannot do. You get more of what you think about. If you want to be great, think about great things, think about great people. Picture it in your mind. Live it every day. Surround yourself with people who are doing the same thing that you are getting into. Surround yourself with doers, not talkers. Surround yourself with people who will nurture your dreams. Stay away from the negative people. They will kill your dreams. You do not want your dreams to die, right? You can do anything you want. Don’t make room for negative people to kill your dreams. Do not discourage yourself from achieving your goals. We can kill our own dreams. We defeat ourselves before people even plan to attack us. If your thinking is not right, you cannot get right results.

There are no limits out there. We limit ourselves.  We are good at telling ourselves what we can’t do. Do not place any limit on your own thinking. Allow your mind to soar. Allow your mind to fly, to think, to create, to expand, to be free. If you want to get positive results, change the way you think about the things you want to do. Positive thoughts bring positive results. Negative thoughts bring negative results.

If you want positive things, think in positive ways. You can do it. You can be happy. You can live a great life. But if you don’t allow your mind to think the right thoughts, you can’t do anything productive. Stop limiting yourself. Stop limiting your life. You are here on earth to grow, not to shrink. So stop shrinking yourself.