You Are In Charge Of Your Happiness

Photography of a Woman Listening to Music
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We live to be happy, not to be unhappy. When we are happy with ourselves, no matter what is going on in our lives, we do well in life. We think well. We perform well at work. We are happy with our friends, our partners, our managers, our bosses. And we feel good about ourselves. But when we are not happy, because of where we are in life, because of what we are doing, because of the way we have lived our lives, because we have not gotten to where we think we want to be, we don’t do well in life. We don’t want to do anything. We don’t want to talk to the people around us. We want to be alone. We don’t laugh. We don’t smile.

Happiness is necessary for a healthy life. Happiness is good for our health. Happiness promotes our health. You cannot separate them. They are one and the same. The question is, “How can we make ourselves happy?’ Can we really do it? Or should we depend on people to make us happy? No. Do not wait for people to come and make you happy. They can’t do it. Put your own happiness in your own hands. You have hands, right? Then put it in your beautiful hands. Do not make the mistake of putting your happiness in the hands of other people. If you do, you will not be happy with your decision, with your life. You will not be happy with yourself. No one can make you happy but yourself. Your government cannot make you happy. Your partner cannot make you happy. Your boss cannot make you happy. Your beautiful home cannot make you happy. Your nice car cannot make you happy.

The only person who can make you happy is YOU. Why is that? Happiness is not attached to anything; it is attached to you. It is attached to the REAL you. You cannot find happiness anywhere. It is in you. God has deposited the seeds of happiness in you. If you want to find your REAL happiness, look inside, not outside. If you search for your happiness outside, you will never get it. If you search for your happiness inside, you will find it. Remember, no one can make you happy but you.

Happiness comes from doing what you love to do. A lot of people are not happy with themselves because they are doing what they don’t like to do. They don’t like their jobs. If you find yourself in such a situation, try to find something you like in your workplace that will make you happy. It could be your office, your colleagues, your parking lot, your cafeteria, your coffee machine, or your WHY. If you can’t tolerate it, then you can look for another job. Never attach your happiness to something. Because nothing is permanent in life. If you want your happiness to be permanent, do your own thing, in your own way. Happiness is not what you look for, it is what you give. To put it in another way, if you want happiness, make people happy. Your happiness is in your own hands. Do not give it away.