How To Live A Purposeful Life

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“All successful men are men of purpose.”- James Allen

All successful men and women are men and women of purpose.”

What is your purpose? What is your why? What is that thing that is driving you crazy? What is that one thing that is waking you up in the night? What is that thing that you can’t stop thinking about? Why are you here?

Whether you know it or not, you are here for a reason. That reason is what you should be pursuing. The question is, “Are you pursuing your purpose? Are living your purpose? Are you living your why? If not, what are you doing?”

Your purpose is your dream. Your purpose is your passion. Your purpose is your reason to exist. So many of us don’t pursue our dreams because we don’t even know what we want from life. We don’t even know why we are here. We allow people to tell us what to do, how to live our lives, where to go, or who to be with.

Purpose is very important to our happiness. When we know what we are doing with our lives, we are happier than when we don’t know what we are doing with our lives. Think about it. A life without a purpose is like a life without oxygen. Can you survive without oxygen? No, you can’t. Purpose is to our growth as oxygen is to the body. If you don’t know why you are living, why are you living? Know this: “It is never too late to connect with your purpose.” You can always do it.

When you find your purpose in life, things become easier for you. To live a purposeful life, you have to do purposeful things. You must be an intentional person. To do that, here are some strategies for you:

Know yourself. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t find your purpose in life. Know what you want. Know how to get it. Know your values. And know where you are going and how to get there.

Write your own story. Your story is important to your success. You should write your own story by yourself. If you allow people to write your story for you, they will write the wrong one. In other words, do your own thing.

Be courageous. You can’t find your purpose if you are timid. It takes courage to find what we want. It takes courage to pursue our dreams. No matter what, don’t give in to fear.

Don’t live in the past. Your purpose is happening right now. It is not in the past. It is in the present. Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes stop you from pursuing your purpose. If you are not open to your present, you will miss it. Remember, “You can’t change the past.” So stop worrying about it. Start living!