Making People Happy Is How I Keep My Own Happiness.

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“Stop looking for happiness in other people. Our source of happiness and well-being is not inside others; it’s inside us. Learn to center our ourselves in ourselves.”- Melody Beattie

Your happiness is in your own hands. Don’t look for happiness. Don’t search for happiness. Because you can’t find it anywhere. Happiness is not what you look for; it’s what you give to other people. When you make people happy, when you make people believe in themselves, when you bring out the best in people, when you make people see light instead of darkness, you are inviting happiness into your own life. In other words, when you make people happy, they will make you happy. When you sow the seeds of happiness, you will reap the fruits of happiness.

Don’t wait for people to make you happy. They can’t, because they don’t know what you want from life. They don’t know your dreams. Only you can make yourself happy. No one can do that for you. Don’t wait for anyone to approve your happiness. They can’t do it. You have the power to approve your own happiness. Approve it. If not, what are you waiting for? If you don’t make yourself happy now, when? Your don’t need the approval of anyone to make yourself happy. If you can’t make yourself happy, no one can make you happy.

Your happiness is not about you. It is about people. When the people around you are happy, you will find your own happiness. Make people happy to make yourself happy. If not, your search for happiness is just a dream.

“Happiness is infectious.”