6 Real Ways To Make Yourself Happy Every Day

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Happiness is that inward state of perfect satisfaction which is joy and peace.”- James Allen

We can make ourselves happy if we can just stop thinking about happiness. If we want to attract happiness, we must fill our minds with positive and happy thoughts. Only happy thoughts can bring happiness to you. Negative thoughts drive happiness away. Happiness and positive thoughts go hand in hand. You cannot separate them.

Happiness is within us. It is not without us. But you can make yourself happier by practicing the following strategies:

Make other people happy. James Allen said, “He who would be happy, let him consider the happiness of others.” If you want to be happy, make other people happy. Help people bring out the happiness in them. When you do that, your happiness will come to you.

Share your pain with others. We are better when we work together. Share your pain with the people around you. It connects you with others. It brings out the best in you, in all of us. James Allen said, “Pain teaches us how to be kind and compassionate.” Don’t go through difficult times alone. Share it.

Be a blessing to other people. Catherine Ponder said, “Many of the blessings you want most are within your reach! By your acts of giving, you open the way to attract the blessings you desire.” When you want something from others, give it to them. Help them get what they want, and they will help you get what you want. Help brings help. Selfishness brings selfishness.

Accept your past. You cannot face the future without understanding your past. It does not matter what you have done in your past, accept it and move on. You cannot live a pure life without knowing where you have been, what you have done, where you are, and where you are going. It is not possible. Pearl S. Buck said, “One faces the future with one’s past.”To know where you are going, you must first know where you are coming from.

Stop trying to be happy. Forget about happiness. Stop thinking about it. The less you think about happiness, the more happiness you will find. Edith Wharton wrote, “If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”

Money can’t buy you happiness. Only you can buy you happiness. Anthony de Mello said, “To acquire happiness you don’t have to do anything, because happiness cannot be acquired.” Money can’t buy you happiness. Happiness is not for sale. The only place you can find happiness is your MIND. But you can’t find happiness if your thoughts are not pure. Pure thoughts bring happiness. Negative thoughts can’t bring happiness. Be genuine in your thoughts. Be sincere in your thoughts. If you can do that, happiness will follow you. If you want to make yourself happy, you must think positive, pure thoughts every day. Always!