Happiness Is Not What You Pursue. It Is What You Give.

Couple Sitting on Rock Beside Lake
Photo by Flo Maderebner on Pexels.com

“Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.”- Zhuang Zhou

Why are some people happier than others? Yes, some people are happier than others. Why? The truth about about happiness is: “Happiness is a choice.” If you want to be happy, it is your choice. Happiness is not about money; it is about self-love. It is about self-acceptance. It is about positive thoughts. It is about positive acts.

You can make yourself happy, or you can make yourself miserable. It depends on your state of mind. Because you cannot be happy if you think negative thoughts. You cannot be happy if your mind is the ocean of negative thoughts.

To find happiness is to live your life. Do not expect anything, just live your life. Do the right things. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Don’t worry about what is not there. Learn to celebrate what you have, and more will come to you. Do not try to change what is. What is is what is. When you do that, you are pushing yourself away from your happiness within. Do not think negative thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, do not resist them, just find a way to change them to positive thoughts.

Happiness is life. When you are happy, you are living!