Nobody Gets To Live Life Backward

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Are you living in the past or in the moment? Are you planning for yesterday or for tomorrow? Are you regretting your past mistakes or correcting them now? What does today mean to you? Are you enjoying your life?

It is okay to remember what we did wrong yesterday, but it is not okay to live there. It is okay to learn from our past mistakes, but it is not okay to allow them to affect us. Remember that you are living in the moment, so focus on what you are doing right now. Your tomorrow depends on what you are doing right now. The question is: “What are you doing now?”

To answer that question, you must learn to think in the present. Don’t live in the past. Because if you live in the past, you will miss the present. The now is all that you have, so don’t damage it. Eppie Lederer said, “Nobody gets to live life backward. Look at head, that is where your future is.”

When you live in the moment, it affects every area of your life. It increases your happiness. It sharpens your focus, your concentration. It boosts your creativity. But if you don’t live in the present, you are missing the future that you want to build for yourself.

Your future is not in the past. Don’t waste your time living in the past. Look ahead and prepare for what is to come. Yesterday is gone. Today is for you to explore, to enjoy, to be happy. Tomorrow is yet to come. Focus on today. If you do, your tomorrow will be better than today.