14 Rare Forgiveness Quotes

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“Forgiveness must be one of the deepest human hunger.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness is something we discover, more than something we do; it is something we gratefully receive, more than something we gratefully give.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness is costly.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiving requires the grace to accept the other as an equal partner in the search for reconciliation and the genuineness to give repentance or to respond to another’s repentance with full trust and respect.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness is acceptance with no exception. It accepts not only the hurt you’ve received , it accepts the one who did the hurting, and it accepts the loss caused by the hurtful actions or words.”- Augsburger

“You are not your past; you are equally free to change if you accept the freedom that is within you. To affirm that freedom is the first step of forgiveness.”- David Augsburger

“You can use anger or let it use you.”- David Augsburger

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“Forgiveness in marriage must be two-way, or it is not forgiveness at all.”- David Augsburger

“In forgiving, it is what the person is and does that speaks more than what he or she says.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness in action is love enacted…”- David Augsburger

“Forgiving cannot begin until love has been re-extended to the offender.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness takes time- time to be aware of one’s feelings, alert to one’s pain and anger, open to understand the other’s perspective, willing to resolve the pain and reopen the future.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness is not an act- it is a process.”- David Augsburger

“Forgiveness is not an act- it is a process.”- David Augsburger


God paid the debt He did not owe.– David Augsburger