Weeding Your Garden

Gray Concrete Pathway Besides Pink Flower during Day
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do you have a garden? If you have one, are you growing it? Are you nurturing your garden? Are you weeding your garden? What are you doing to keep your garden alive?

What are you planting in your garden? Are you paying attention to what you are allowing into your garden?

Life is like a garden. You get back what you put out. You get back what you sow.

“We must cultivate our garden.”-



If you want to do something great in life, you must weed your garden. You must take responsibility for your actions. You must take charge of your life. If you don’t do that, people will do it for you.

You must grow your mind. You must grow your life. You must grow your relationships. You must grow your career. You are responsible for your life. Do not blame, but accept.

Do not wait for people to help you weed your own garden. You must take charge of your life. If you do, happiness is yours.