The Danger Of Shifting Blame

Don’t shift blame, take responsibility for your actions.

Close-up Photography of Eyeglasses at Golden Hour
Photo by Siva Adithya

The key to your growth is taking personal responsibility. It is not blaming others for your failures. It is easier to blame people than to take full responsibility for your actions.

It is not easy to take responsibility for our failures. But if we don’t take responsibility for our actions, how can we learn from our failures? We can’t. Samuel Johnson said, “We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success.” We can’t learn from our failures if we don’t take responsibility for our actions. Failure teaches us something if we learn from it.

“We learn wisdom

from failure much

more than from


Samuel Johnson

Blaming is easier to do than to face our failures. But remember, we are human beings. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to fail. But it is not okay to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Livy said, “Men are only clever at shifting blame from their own shoulders to those of others.” It is comfortable to do that, but harmful to your success. If you want to grow, you must stop blaming people. You must start taking responsibility for your actions. If not, you will never learn from your mistakes. And if you do not learn from your mistakes, you will keep repeating them.

Failure is your teacher if you learn from it. Embrace your failures, learn from them, and move on.