‘Love Alone Could Waken Love.’

Silhouette Photo of Man Doing Heart Sign during Golden Hour
Photo by Shihab Nymur

“Love alone could waken love.”- Pearl S. Buck, writer

Love and hate can’t coexist. Only love can bring love to life. Only love can conquer hate. Love is much more powerful than hate.

Love brings people together. Hate separates people. But before you can share your love with others, you must first love yourself. You cannot love people if you don’t have love.

Love is life. It is healthy. Love knows no boundaries. Love knows no bank account. Love knows no college degree or degrees. Love is authentic. It is real. Love is caring.

“Love is caring.”


Love and be loved.

What does love really mean? John Adair will help us answer this question.

According to john Adair, “Love is taking every one’s interests seriously. Love is believing in people, even if they no longer believe in themselves, and caring about what happens to them. Love is feeling warm about people, and being willing to show it.”