‘You Can’t Think Your Way To Success.’

Man Working on a Laptop while Woman Takes Notes
Photo by Canvas Studio

It is good to think about what we want to do. It is okay to think about how we will get things done. But if no actions are taken, nothing will get done. And if nothing is done, nothing will change.

To get things done is to take actions. Only actions can get things done. If you just think about what you are going to do and not pushing yourself to get it done, your situation will never change. Remember that if you don’t change, nothing will change. If you want something to change in your life, in your business, take actions.

“Thinking gets things started, but actions get things done.”


“Thinking gets things started, but actions get things done.”

If you want to get things done, take actions. James Altucher says, “You can’t think your way to success, but you can do your way to success.” He is right. You can think all you want. If you don’t take action, your thinking is meaningless.

Thinking plus actions equal success.