Lisa Oz On ‘Transforming Ourselves And The Relationships That Matter Most.’

“The key to real and lasting change lies somewhere between what you know and what you do. It’s what you think.”- Lisa Oz

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Q1. “One thing about life is that it often takes a long time to really get even the simplest truth.”-Lisa Oz

Q2. “The true self is that part of us that’s connected to all other life and yet is distinctly us. We don’t often see it; it’s frequently overshadowed by the big, noisy, dramatic false self.”- Lisa Oz

Q3. “The false self needs to die to let the inner self be born, and this death can be as traumatic as any physical death.”- Lisa Oz

Q4. “Change is the order of the universe. If you’re not changing, you’re dead- at least in the realm of biology.”- Lisa Oz

Q5. “Choosing happiness is not about living in denial. It is about living in and loving the present moment regardless of what that moment looks like.”- Lisa Oz

Q6. “When we give in to the demands of the ego, we are rarely in a state of positive change.”- Lisa Oz

Q7. Growth only occurs through the deliberate choices of the higher self.”

Q8. “Pain, or at least discomfort, isn’t all bad. It’s an essential element of that inner system that lets us know we need to change. It tells us something’s not what it should be- we are not what we should be.”- Lisa Oz

Q9. “Real change can only come about by taking action.”- Lisa Oz

Q10. “To shift your behavior, you need to start by transforming your thoughts.”- Lisa Oz

Q11. “Negative experiences can also trigger something positive within us. Crisis offers opportunity for change, and pain can be the catalyst for transformation, our greatest tool in the work of ego transcendence.”- Lisa Oz

Q12. “We all have stuff that we feel we cannot possibly do without. But the fact is we came into this world with nothing and we are going out the exact same way.”- Lisa Oz

Q13. “The measure of a relationship is the depth of the commitment and the quality of the connection, not the duration of it.”- Lisa Oz

Q14. “We can’t let our fear of loss become an excuse for not loving… or living.”- Lisa Oz

Q15. “When we try to evade legitimate suffering, we fail to address our core issues and miss a crucial opportunity for self-revelation, and what we turn to as a means of protecting ourselves ends up hurting us even more.”- Lisa Oz

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Q16. “We lose our ability to choose our response to an experience because we never really know what we feel.”- Lisa Oz

Q17. “Being healthy, physically and emotionally, includes appreciating what you’ve got and refusing to indulge in any form of self-loathing.”- Lisa Oz

Q18. “One of the best ways to improve your health is to listen to your body, which is always sending you clues about its most basic needs.”- Lisa Oz

Q19. “Everything in life exists for a reason.”- Lisa Oz

Q20. “Our connection provides a catalyst for personal growth.”- Lisa Oz

Q21. “Life is a series of learning experiences, and many of its lessons come in the form of human interactions.”- Lisa Oz

Q22. “…every single person we come in contact with provides a unique opportunity for our inner self to either evolve or degenerate.”- Lisa Oz

Q23. “Keep in mind that assisting someone else shouldn’t be torture for you.”- Lisa Oz

Q24. “Relationship involves dialogue, not monologue, so you need to quiet your own voice if you want to sense God with you.”- Lisa Oz