64 Best Chris Michaels Quotes On ‘The Power Of You.’

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Chris Michaels is a national speaker, executive coach, and author. He is the author of The Power of You. For more information about Chris, go to: Chrismichaels.net

Here are some of his best quotes on how to live an authentic life:

Q1. “Authenticity should be your only compass.”

Q2. “There is no virtue in suffering. No one has ever been made better by it. No one’s life has ever been improved by it. Anything you learned from suffering, you could have just as easily learned from being happy.”

Q3. “We look too far away for miracles.”

Q4. “We seek power from external sources when the power to choose our destiny is within our own reach.”

Q5. “The good you seek from others has been left inside you to discover.”

Q6. “Nature has a plan.”

Q7. “Everything unfolds according to spiritual law and Divine order.”

Q8. “Fear is a gigantic monster that needs regular feedings to stay alive. The more you feed it, the bigger the monster grows. The more time and attention you give to fear, the more it takes from your life.”

Q9. “Fear hates daylight, so it usually comes by cloak of darkness to haunt. It arrives when you’re not at the helm, when you’re not really conscious of your own thinking.”

Q10. “Little by little, day by day, fear teaches you to lower your expectations.”

Q11. “Only by facing our vulnerability and directly experiencing it are we able to get beyond it and see the truth underlying it; the truth that in the midst of all chaos, there is peace.”

Q12. “When we open ourselves to both the joy and the sorrows of life, we realize that life is beautiful and ugly, tragic and inspiring.”

Q13. “Too many people get trapped in the stories of their lives and forget the only purpose of the story is to find the meaning in it.”

Q14. “When you stop trying to be like others or to be accepted by them, you are on the road to full ownership of your own true character. When your primary interest is in expressing who you are instead of mimicking someone else, you are on the path to self-acceptance.”

Q15. “Society is in love with conformity. People find comfort in sameness. And yet Nature abhors it. Every creation is unique. Every snowflake has a different design. Every person’s DNA is unique.”

Q16. “The unexpected, unplanned and sometimes unwanted experiences of your life force you to grow.”

Q17. “Let your strengths grow out of your weakness.”

Q18. “Nobody gets through life without facing some major challenge.”

Q19. “Everything that happens to you, happens for you.”

Q20. “The quality of your life and the state of your mental health is determined by which voice you listen to and entertain in your mind. If you continue to listen to those who question your worth, your inner dialogue will begin to mimic their lies. Before too long, you will question your worth and feel insecure about yourself.”

Q21. “You are here to find yourself, to discover your own inherent power and purpose.”

Q22. “Your life is not an apology; it’s a life.”

Q23. “Your experiences in life are created from your own choices, not a distant deity with a lesson plan.”

Q24. “You are not here to learn. You are here to live.”

Q25. “Every day is an adventure.”

Q26. “You must see life through the eyes of a child, approaching each day with daring and courage.”

Q27. “You are not evolving. You are unfolding.”

Q28. “You are not here to get the best. You are here to give the best.”

Q29. “Your self-worth must be anchored in something more solid than the shifting sands of daily human life or past achievements or failures.”

Q30. “Your value must be grounded in something permanent and lasting, so you will be able to weather the storms every day.”

Q31. “You are valuable to life because of who you are, not what you have done. Your true worth has nothing to do with personal success or failure.”

Q32. “Your mind is your greatest asset, and how you use it determines the quality of your life.”

Q33. “You are a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for God to be the unique person it has created you to be.”

Q34. “No matter who you are, or what you have been through, you can still dream. You can still imagine life better. And that is the first step toward making it better.”

Q35. “Nothing can remain hidden forever.”

Q36. “Pretentiousness comes from insecurity. It is a need to prove you are worthy, when in your heart you don’t really believe you are.”

Q37. “Nothing works better than being your true self.”

Q38. “Pretending to be something else weakens you. It delays your fullest expression. It castrates your uniqueness and invalidates your character.”

Q39. “Nonconforming to the majority doesn’t mean fighting others or putting them down, just to lift yourself up. It is a mark of spiritual maturity to claim your own authority, to trust more in what God has placed inside of you than any external authority. It doesn’t mean you are disrespectful of others. It means you respect your own authority first. You are following your own independent path, one that was chosen specifically to match your unique talent and character.”

Q40. “The best way to truly know someone is not to listen to what they say, but to watch everything they do.”

Q41. “Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. It is an act of self-love. It does nothing to the person who hurt you. It is a decision you make about yourself for yourself.

Q42. “Forgiveness is not about forgetting. Forgiveness isn’t about them. It’s about you.”

Q43. “Resentment is powerful. It gives all of your power over to the person you condemn.”

Q44. “Forgiveness means taking your power back.”

Q45. “Forgiveness is a personal declaration of independence. It separates your future from the past. It reinstates your own authority. No longer are you willing to relinquish control of your thoughts or feelings to someone else. You gain your ability to create your own future without dragging around past infections, pain and regret. It severs the link, once and for all, between you and those who hurt you.”

Q46. “You never really grow up until you take full responsibility for the quality of your own life. As long as you are blaming your parents, the government, ex-wife or husband, you’re still an infant who never fully matured.”

Q47. “From thoughts follow actions. From actions follow experience. Your life is literally created one thought at a time. You have access to the force that can change everything. It is your mind, and every thought you choose creates an experience that exactly mirrors it. So choose wisely.”

Q48. “The path that leads to your best life is known in the Mind of God. If you will take time to ask, you will receive an answer.

Q49. “Greatness comes from how you use your mind, from what you give your heart to.”

Q50. “Nothing is more exciting than to realize you are in control of your own fate. You make your own choices. You use the power of your mind to create your own experience.”

Q51. “Your actions provide an example to others.”

Q52. “Every soul has an assignment, a purpose to fulfill.”

Q53. “Your future good is tied to your current dreams.”

Q54. “To fully own yourself, to have a full sense of your worth and power, you must begin by taking command of your life.”

Q55. “We dream our dreams, but we don’t do the follow-up work to make them come true. We ask for our healing, but we don’t participate in it. We don’t want to change anything about ourselves to get healed. We’re not living whole lives. We’re halves, just trying to get by.”

Q56. “Life is an art, not a science. It requires inconsistencies and paradox.”

Q57. “It’s hard to think poorly of yourself when you have a great life. A great life is created by following great ideas.”

Q58. “Your body was not mean to be stationary. It was designed for movement.”

Q59. “You’re more than your body or whatever limits it may have. You’re more than your problems, struggles, and conditions. You’re more than your physical or financial assets.”

Q60. “You learn how much courage you have by facing your fears.”

Q61. “You learn your value and worth by meeting others who question it.”

Q62. “Every story of your life has been crafted to reveal your Divine nature.”

Q63. “You are more than just a character in a drama. You’re the story writer.

Q64. “You’re the actor on the stage and director of your own drama.”