42 Amazing Humble The Poet Quotes For A Better Life

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Kanwer Singh, professionally known as Humble The Poet, is a Sikh Canadian author, rapper, and artist.

Here are some of his quotes that will help you live a better life:

Q1. “We gain more from letting go, there’s nothing mystical and secretive about this idea.”

Q2. “We hide the darkness with our smiles, feel lonely in crowded rooms, and become so accustomed to these feelings that we begin to believe they’re a part of who we are.”

Q3. “Expectations are a bigger enemy to our happiness than our circumstances.”

Q4. “The bravest people I know are the most in tune with their fears and phobias, and have decided not to let those get in the way of their happiness.”

Q5. “The most important relationships you have is with yourself, simple.”

Q6. “Regret is a burden we all hold, for whatever reason, and holding does nothing but weigh us down.”

Q7. “Love is something you share because you have it, not something you give desperately because you need it.”

“The most important relationships you have is with yourself, simple.”-

Humble The Poet


Q8. “Life is too short to be in any situation you don’t want to be in, or to be with or around people you don’t want to be around.”

Q9. “Instead of trying to find that right person for you, focus on becoming that right person yourself.”

Q10. “The strongest don’t survive, the most adaptable do.”

Q11. “Let’s enjoy what we have, while we have it, and not spend it worrying about a future we may never see or an ending we can’t afford.”

Q12. “If people don’t like you for who you are, change the people, not yourself.”

Q13. “Life doesn’t start after the obstacles; life is the obstacles.”

Q14. “Don’t try to numb the pain that may just delay the healing.”

Q15. “Love when you’re ready, not when you are lonely.”

Q16. “We don’t always have the power to change our circumstances, but we can change how we feel about them.”

Q17. “Once you start moving, all those limitations and ideas of impossible fade. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth accomplishing ever is.”

Q18. “Before you can concern yourself with how you want it to be, you have to understand how it is.”

Q19. “Get out there. Be comfortable. Make mistakes. Get embarrassed. We’ll all be dead soon, it’s not a big deal.”

Q20. “You don’t need to trust a world you can’t control, just trust yourself to do your best to get through it.”

Q21. “We tend to sabotage our happiness by ignoring the wonderful things in our life.”

Q22. “Comforting lies are those fluffy pillows, while harsh realities are those cold showers.”

Q23. “We can’t control the ignorance or apathy of others, but we can recognize it in ourselves; let’s start there.”

Q24. “Instead of comparing yourself with others, try connecting yourself with others.”

Q25. “Things take time, and if you don’t have the patience to let things slow cook and form then expect a life continually unfulfilled.”

Q26. “You are not your beliefs.”

Q27. “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

Q28. “Your time is limited, so please be picky about the people you spend it with…”

Q29. “Suffering is a key reason we evolve and improve our situation.”

Q30. “The fear of uncomfortable ideas, and uncomfortable situations, and uncomfortable places robs us of the amazing potential we all have.”

Q31. “I CAN’T learn about myself by focusing on HOW others see me, but I can learn by focusing on WHY I care.”

Q32. “Confidence isn’t a light switch; it’s a foundation you build.”

Q33. “Being open to trying new things, though sometimes daunting, is the best way to broaden the world around you.”

Q34. “Every moment is a moment to try to make the life we want and change the things we dislike.”

Q35. “Within all of us there are things worth celebrating, and things that we’re not the most proud of, the choice is what we decide to focus on.”

Q36. “Don’t be afraid to get hurt, it’s part of life; it’s only unnecessary if there’s nothing to learn from it.”

Q37. “All the things you’re looking to receive from someone else you can give to yourself, especially love.”

Q38. “You’re going to realize very quickly the biggest battles you fight are with yourself.”

Q39. “Paint your picture the way you want it painted, it’s your canvas, don’t let anyone else hold the brush.”

Q40. “You’ll never be able to make everyone happy, trying to do so is a key ingredient to failure.”

Q41. “Settling is death, please don’t settle.”

Q42. “If you want the power to make yourself happy, you have to assume the responsibility for your happiness.”