58 Best Joel Osteen Quotes On How To Live Your Best Life Now

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Joel Osteen is an American pastor.

Quotes can change your life if you use them wisely. Quotes take us into the minds of other people. We learn from them. We listen to them. Great quotes are educational.

Hope these quotes will help you live your best life now.

#1. “Don’t settle for mediocrity.”

#2. “Don’t live another day defeated and depressed. Stir yourself up; rekindle that fire.”

#3. “Don’t just go through the motions in life.”

#4. “Choose to be happy; live with excellence and integrity, and put a spring in your step. Put a smile on your face.”

#5. “Employers prefer employees who are excited about working at their companies.”

#6. “Live with enthusiasm.”

#7. “A person of integrity will tell the whole truth.”

#8. “A person of integrity will not deceive or mislead in any way.”

#9. “… a person of integrity says what he means and means what he says.”

#10. “Integrity and prosperity are flip sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.”

#11. “Are you willing to pay the price to do the right thing?”

#12. “If you don’t have integrity, you will never reach your highest potential.”

#13. “Integrity is the foundation on which a truly successful life is built. Every time you compromise, every time you are less than honest, you are causing a slight crack in your foundation.”

#14. “A person of excellence and integrity goes the extra mile to do what’s right. He keeps his words even when it’s difficult. People of excellence arrive at work on time. They give their employers a full day’s work; they don’t live early or call in sick when they are not.”

#15. “Your responsibility is to choose to be happy, regardless of what comes your way.”

#16. “Choose to be happy. Choose to keep a good attitude…. happiness is a choice you have to make.”

#17. “Be content where you are.”

#18. “One of the healthiest things you can do is learn to smile more often.”

#19. “Don’t worry about things you cannot change.”

#20. “Happiness is a decision you make, not an emotion you feel.”

#21. “Happiness is a choice.”

#22. “Do something out of the ordinary as an expression of your faith.”

#23. “When you have a problem, don’t concentrate on your need, think about what kind of seed you can sow to get you out of that problem.”

#24. “If we want to reap good things, we, too, must sow some good seeds.”

#25. “If you want to reap happiness, you have to sow some ‘happiness’ seeds by making other people happy.”

#26. “Keep your heart of compassion open.”

#27. “Many people are are unhappy and are not experiencing life to its fullest because they’ve closed their hearts of compassion.”

#28. “We need to be on the lookout for people we can bless.”

#29. “No matter what you’ve gone through, no matter who hurt you or whose fault it was, let it go. Don’t try to get even. Don’t hold a grudge. Don’t try to pay them back.”

#30. “Evil is never overcome by more evil.”

#31. “Whatever you give will be given back to you.”

#32. “You must learn to be a giver and not a taker.”

#33. “Quit trying to figure out what everybody can do for, and start trying to figure out what you can do for somebody else.”

#34. “Adversity often pushes us into our divine destiny.”

#35. “The trial is a test of your faith, character, and endurance.”

#36. “Without opposition or resistance, there is no potential for progress.”

#37. “It’s in the tough times of life that we find out what we’re really made of.”

#38. “A negative spirit dries up your energy; it weakens your immune system.”

#39. “You must get out of that defeated mentality and start thinking and believing positively.”

#40. “Even when we are sitting down on the outside, we must see ourselves as standing on the inside!”

#41. “Don’t become trapped in the past.”

#42. “Live a life of forgiveness.”

#43. “Forgiveness is a choice, but it is not an option.”

#44. “Forgive to be free.”

#45. “A bitter root will produce bitter fruit.”

#46. “We need to learn how to mentality change channels when negative images of the past pop up in our minds unexpectedly.”

#47. “Avoiding negative talk is not enough… You must get on the offence.”

#48. “What you say in the midst of your difficulties will have a great impact on how long you stay in those situations.”

#49. “When you think positive, excellent thoughts, you will be propelled toward greatness.”

#50. “If one dream dies, dream another dream.”

#51. “What you believe has a greater impact on your life than what anybody else believes.”

#52. “We receive what we believe.”

#53. “You will never rise above the image you have of yourself in your own mind.”

#54. “We affect generations to come with the decisions that we make today.”

#56. “What you will receive is directly connected to how you believe.”

#57. “You must conceive it in your heart and mind before you can receive it.”

#58. “Low expectations will trap you in mediocrity.”