28 Don Miguel Ruiz Quotes That Will Help You To Master The Dream Of Your Life

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Don Miguel Ruiz Is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements.

#1. “Everything in nature, all of creation, is changing.”

#2. “Creation is happening in the moment. It has no beginning, it has no end; it is ongoing.”

#3. “Energy is always transforming because it is alive.”

#4. “Life is the force that makes the transformation of energy possible.”

#5. “By resisting the transformation of Life, humans create the illusion of death; we suffer from every ‘loss’ again and again.”

#6. “Nothing is ours to keep, including our physical body. Knowing this, we surrender to the angel of death and accept the transformation of Life.”

#7. “By focusing our attention in a past dream, our attention is not in the present, and we are not fully alive.”

#8. “If we so attached to what the angel of death is taking away, then we cannot receive the gifts if Life.”

#9. “Detachment doesn’t mean that we stop loving someone or something; it only means we accept that there is nothing we can do to stop the transformation of Life.”

#10. “When something comes to you, you attach and enjoy it as intensely as you can. As soon as the moment passes, you detach and let it go.”

#11. “When your attention is in the present, you aren’t carrying the burdens of the past.”

#12. “Attachment helps you to live your life intensely in the present moment. With attachment you can increase your desire to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, and with detachment, you don’t have to suffer what you didn’t accomplish. You simply let go.”

#13. “To change our agreements, we first have to know which agreements we want to change.”

#14. “The only way to change your life is to change the choices, to change your actions.”

#15. “We don’t need to escape from life; we don’t need to deny our own nature. What we need is complete awareness and self-acceptance.”

#16. “Where we choose to put our attention is what creates the miracle.”

#17. “Without free will, your beliefs control your attention. If you control your attention from the inside, you decide when your attention is hooked by the outside and you recover free will. Once you recover free will, your attention controls your beliefs.”

#18. “The dream you are living right now is the result of the humans around you hooking your attention and feeding you all of their beliefs.”

#19. “Someone either hooks our attention to teach us, or we focus our attention to learn.”

#20. “Every time you don’t feel good it’s the result of a self-judgement…”

#21. “Our integrity is who we really are, the totality of our own self.”

#22. “Light is the messenger of Life; it contains all the information, all power, all possibilities, and all potential of life.”

#23. “The emotions that drain you are the emotions that come from fear; the emotions that give you more energy are those that come from love.”

#24. “To save energy you need to change your routines, change those agreements, and no longer react with those emotions.”

#25. “You are not free to be who you really are because you are trapped by images of what you think you should be.”

#26. “What you believe you are is a distorted image of yourself that came from other people- from mirrors that always distort images. As soon as you agree, the image is programmed in your memory, and now you believe this is what you are.”

#27. “Whatever you learn is alive. The image that you have of yourself is alive, and it lives in your mind. That image is not you, but it will use everything it perceives to justify its own existence. It is not you, but it is eating you alive and destroying your happiness.”

#28. “Humans are creators, but our power of creation is invested in our beliefs.”