10 Best Forgiveness Quotes To Live By From Philip Yancey

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Philip Yancey is an American author who focuses on spiritual issues. He is a prolific, award-winning author and editor.

“Forgiveness is the only way to freedom.”

Here are his spiritual quotes on FORGIVENESS:

Q#1. “Guilt exposes a longing for grace.”

Q#2. “Forgiveness is achingly difficult, and long after you’ve forgiven, the wound-my dastardly deeds- lives on in memory.”

Q#3. “Behind every act of forgiveness lies a wound of betrayal, and the pain of being betrayed does not easily fade away.”

Q#4. “… forgiveness alone can halt the cycle of blame and pain, breaking the chain of ungrace.”

Q#5. “… forgiveness means, literally, to release, to hurl away, to free yourself.”

Q#6. “Forgiveness offers a way out. It does not settle all questions of blame and fairness- often it pointedly evades those questions- but it does allow a relationship to start over- to begin anew.”

Q#7. “We forgive not merely to fulfill some higher law of morality; we do it for ourselves.”

Q#8. “The only thing harder than forgiveness is the alternative.”

Q#9. “… it can loosen the stranglehold of guilt in the perpetrator.”

Q#10. “Forgiveness is neither easy nor clear-cut…”