24 Best Quotes From F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way By John C. Parkin

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Photo by Bich Tran On Pexels.com

Who is John C. Parkin?

He founded the holistic center The Hill That Breathes in Italy, where he teaches the ultimate spiritual way of life.

Here are some spiritual quotes that will help design your OWN ultimate spiritual way of life:

#1. “We create a life of things that have meaning for us: things that matters.”

#2. “Things matter.”

#3. “Every single thing that matters exposes us to the elements of life.”

#4. “Everything that matters to us is like having a plan for life that we expect life to stick to.”

#5. “The bigger our convoy of things that matters, the more likely it is that life’s going to bugger around with our plans for it.”

#6. “Anything that has meaning for us- anything that matters- carries the potential to cause us pain.”

#7. “Meaning is a brightly colored box with pain inside.”

#8. “The problem is that meaning- things mattering- is attachment. And anything that we are attached to has the potential to turn around and bite us.”

#9. Freedom from attachments takes you a good way down the road to total liberation.”

#10. “When meaning goes, the attachment goes. And so does the tension.”

#11. “Perspective teaches us about meaning.”

#12. “Accepting everything, just as it is, is a beautiful state to get to.”

#13. “Every moment has infinite potential. Every moment contains for you possibilities that you can’t possibly imagine. Every day is a blank page that you could fill with the most beautiful drawings.”

#14. “The problem with a plan is that you fill up the blank page of a new day with a ‘to-do’ list before you get there. And if you are not careful there’s no room for anything else.”

#15. “When you really care what other people think of you, you tend to take everything personal.”

#16. “… you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

#17. “No matter how much you bend over backwards for people, you’ll always disappoint people, upset people and downright piss them off sometimes.”

#18. “The moment you start to free yourself from your normal attachments and meaning by saying F**k It to things, is the moment people will start to get pissed off with you.”

#19. “‘Fear’ in us is not just one lump. It is a sackful of stuff that we have built up over our lives. And fear grows from the experience of pain. When we experience pain we- very naturally- do not like it and we do not want to experience it ever again. So the experience of pain then becomes fear.”

#20. “Give in to pain and you can give in to life.”

#21. “The controlled and ‘comfortable’ life is not the path of wisdom or happiness….

#22. “To get what you want you must give up wanting it.”

#23. “When you let go of the desire, the tension goes. And the relaxation that replaces it tends to attract good things into your life.”

#24. “When you start seeing the beauty in absurd things, you know you are starting to lose your mind.”