Fear Is…

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“Fear is a thought in your mind and you are afraid of your own thoughts.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Fear is a negative thought in your mind.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

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This is what you fear. When you fear your own thoughts, you are putting on the wrong mask. You are not yourself. Fear is nothing but the wrong thought. If you want to conquer fear, take action, change your mind, and face your fears, and they will disappear.

When fear knocks at the door of your mind, let faith in God and all things good open the door.”- Dr Joseph Murphy

With faith in God, you can conquer fear. With God, fear has no power over you, your life, and your family. But without faith, you are powerless.


“Fear has killed millions.”- Dr Joseph Murphy


“Confidence is greater than fear.”

Confidence is the ONLY medicine that can put fear to rest. If you want your fears to leave, double your actions.

Dr Murphy said, “Nothing is more power than faith in God and the good.”

“Fear is man’s greatest enemy.”– Dr Joseph Murphy

But remember, according to Dr Joseph Murphy, “You were born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of noise. All your other fears were acquired. Get rid of them.”

When it comes to success, If you really want to succeed in life, Dr. Joseph Murphy said, “If you are afraid of failure, give your attention to success.”

Finally, don’t let fear stop you from living your dreams. It is learned. Get rid of it!