Dr. Joseph Murphy Quotes On What Love Really Means

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If you are going to fall in love with anything, fall in love with life. Love is the way to a successful living. Love is the way to a healthy relationship. Love is the way to a great life. Love is the way to a successful business. Love is the ONLY way into your mind.

Love is the way, and it will always be the way to a happy life.

Let us see what Dr Joseph Murphy said about love.

“Love is an emotional attachment to the good things in life.”– Dr. Joseph Murphy

Love and good things cannot be separated. They are one and the same. It is good to love yourself, and it is even better to love others. We cannot live a successful life without falling in love with the beauty of life. To enjoy your life, focus on the good things in life.

“Love casts out fear.”- Dr. Joseph Murphy

Love and fear cannot coexist. Love is positive. Fear is negative. Love is a healer, a connector, a peace maker. Fear, on the other hand, is a destroyer, a thief. When you are in love, you fear nothing. You have confidence in yourself to get things done.

But if you allow fear to take control of your life, you will find it hard to get anything done. Because fear paralyzes people. Fear prevents people from living their God given life.

As Les Brown puts it, “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Fear is the number one obstacle to personal and professional growth. If you want to conquer fear, take a determined action.

“Fall in love with honesty, integrity, justice, good will and success.”– Dr. Joseph Murphy

In order to enjoy your life, in order to find and live your purpose in life, embrace the good things in life. Embrace love, joy, happiness, success, positive thinking, smile.

“Love is the answer to getting along with other. Love is understanding, good will and respecting the divinity of the other.”– Dr. Joseph Murphy

To really get along with people, you must be comfortable with them. You have to be attracted to them. And they have to be attracted to you. Without love, it is not possible to work well with people. Love is the key to successful relationships. To get along with people, love them. If you hate them, you cannot work well with them.

“The good you do, the kindness proffered, the love and good will you send forth, will all come back to you multiplied in many ways.”– Dr. Joseph Murphy

You will get back what you send forth. If you send forth happiness and love, you will get back happiness and love. If you send forth hate and jealousy, you will get back hate and jealousy. You will always reap what you plant.

“You are the only thinker in your world. You are responsible for the way you think about the other.Remember, the other person is not responsible for the way you think about him. Your thoughts are reproduced. What are you thinking about the other fellow?” Dr. Joseph Murphy

What are you thinking about right now?

What you are thinking about right now will determine your actions later. It is important to think about the right things in life. What you think about every day you will become.

“Wish for the other what you for yourself. This is the key to harmonious human relations.”– Dr. Joseph Murphy

What you wish for other people will come back to you. Love makes it possible to wish for the other what you wish for yourself. It is the ONLY way to a successful relationship.