Brian Tracy On The Power Of Love

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Love is a healer. Love has the power to heal us, to safe us, to make us better human beings. Without love, there is no life. With love, we can achieve anything in life.

The message here is: love and be loved.

“There is nothing that so surprises a person as to have some whom they are mistreating respond to them with gentleness, courtesy, and kindness.”- Brian Tracy

“You have peace of mind to the degree to which you love yourself and others.”- Brian Tracy

“Self-love and self-acceptance make it easier for you to gain greater self-knowledge and self-understanding.”- Brian Tracy

If you change or improve the quality of your thinking, you automatically change the quality of your life.”- Brian Tracy

When you think kind and loving thoughts about yourself and others, you attract kind and loving people to you.”- Brian Tracy

“When you respond to anger and negativity with love and kindness, you not only preserve your own emotional integrity and maintain a positive attitude, but you also help the other person.”- Brian Tracy

“The amount of love and respect you have for others, and they for you, is in direct proportion to lead much love you have for yourself.”- Brian Tracy

“Everything you do that makes you love and respect yourself makes you more capable of expressing love toward others.”- Brian Tracy

The greatest obstacles to the experience and expression of love are negative emotions, especially those of fear, anger, guilt, and resentment.”- Brian Tracy

“Love only grows by sharing, and the only way you can have anymore love for yourself is by giving it away.”- Brian Tracy

“Love is expressed in positive and constructive behavior toward other people.”- Brian Tracy

“Love is not just something you feel; it is something that you do.”- Brian Tracy

If you love and respect yourself, and you believe yourself capable of accomplishing great things, you are almost certain to achieve far more than if you doubt yourself, or if you do not believe in your personal potential.”- Brian Tracy

“If you expect the best of yourself and others, which is the natural expression of a loving attitude, you will seldom be disappointed.”- Brian Tracy

“You can never have too much love for yourself, and you can never give too much love to others.”- Brian Tracy

“Lack of love, or love withheld, lies at the root of most personal and behavioral problems.”- Brian Tracy

“Love is not only the answer, but it is the cure for most life’s problems.”- Brian Tracy