10 Motivational James Allen Quotes On The Power Of Thought

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“The wise purify their thoughts.”- James Allen

“Make your every thought, word, and deed sweet and pure.”- James Allen

“The greatest blessedness comes to him who infuses into his mind the purest and noblest thoughts.”- James Allen

“Your whole life is a series of effects, having their cause in thought- in your own thought.”- James Allen

“All men’s accomplishments were first wrought out in thought, and then objectivised.”- James Allen

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“It is the silent and conquering thought forces which bring all things into manifestation.”– James Allen

“The higher life is a higher living in thought, word, and deed.”- James Allen

“Purification of the heart by repetitive thought on pure things.”- James Allen

“Only the choosing of wise thoughts, and, necessarily the doing of wise deeds, leads to wisdom.”- James Allen