The Power Of Intuition

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Your intuition has a very powerful message for you, listen. Listen to your inner voice. It has something to tell you.

When you are listening to your inner voice, listen without bias. Listen with an open-mind. Be sincere in your listening to your inner voice. Don’t fake it. Be sincere in your search for direction and guidance.

What you hear depends on where you are, and what you are listening to. What you see depends on what you are searching for. Your inner voice will direct you to make the right decisions, to success, to be who you want to be, if you listen.

Your inner voice will be powerful if you listen. Your inner voice will be powerless if you don’t listen. It is the only thing that can help you when you have nowhere to turn to, when all your options are used up, and when you have limited data to make critical decisions.

It is always there to help you, just listen!