One more time

Group of People Raising Right Hand
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One more time. Give it one more try. Successful people are people who always take one more step, one more try, one more run. On the other hand, unsuccessful people do the opposite- they stop once they hit obstacles. They just quit trying.

The people who succeeded are not smarter than you, but they never stop giving it one more try. They never stop trying. They never stop failing. They never stop failing forward.

If you want to succeed, even in the face of obstacles, you have to keep pushing. You have to keep fighting for what you want. If not, what you want is not coming to you.

When you fail, don’t quit. Don’t stop trying. Learn from it, and keep going. As Dennis De Young put it, “Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.” Yes, one more try. One more try. One more time. They succeeded because they gave it one more try. If you want to succeed, give it one more try.

One more time.